Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lightning Deal on Amazon (India) is more expensive than regular price - WTF! [COMPACTIDEA]

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ESET Multi-Device Security for only one device - an oxymoron by definition

Bought "ESET Multi-Device Security" from Amazon. Not really anything "multi" about it, as "1 device, 1 year" is clearly labeled on the box. What nonsense is this? You've reduced a "multi" product to the regular ESET Smart Security. Almost an oxymoron.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Online ticket-booking websites like Cleartrip, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, Yatra.com, etc., deceptively and covertly add some sort of "convenience fee" at the last step

They don't reveal these rather significant charges, and if they do, it's in such a small-sized print placed at such an awkward place that it's hardly visible amd hence doesn't qualify as "we fully informed all customers". These websites non-insignificantly increase your switching cost by first making you go through the entire booking process, including filling names, details, etc., and only after one has "invested" a significant amount of time/energy and is thus more "committed". They know that one is significantly less likely to abandon booking [upon seeing the onerous "convenience" charges in the end] once one has spent a great deal of time/energy on filling forms, etc. That's the psychology they exploit. Their revenues/profits aren't based on only delivering real value to their customers. Part of it also comes from pure deception and nefarious psychological tricks.

Update [11-Apr-17]: Seen today.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Audi has deceptively named the model numbers of its Q3 cars, making it look like there's a 3.5 liter engine inside

It's clear to everyone that when a model number of a luxury car is "35 TDI Premium", it means there's a 3.5 liter engine inside. Not in the Audi Q3, where there's just a 2 liter engine inside. Quite deceptive!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

FlightGlobal presents cookies in a very positive light in order to not ring any alarms

No, Internet cookies aren't that benign. In any case, saying only that cookies are useful and omitting mentioning the many concerns which led to such notices being made mandatory is deceitful.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maruti Suzuki is deceptively capitalizing on the equity in the word 'hybrid' in order to sell its barely-hybrid Ciaz in India

What's more, Maruti Suzuki has gone a step further by calling its Ciaz variant "Smart Hybrid", as if this were an even more advanced/evolved technology than merely 'hybrid'. Not. This is hardly the hybrid in the true sense of the word. In percentage terms, it's perhaps only 5-10% of what a true hybrid - like Toyota Prius - is. Facts be damned. It's important to fool the Indian public, which, like the people of the rest of the world attach a significant premium and prestige to the word 'hybrid'. Of course, no one's gonna tell these folks that the so-called "Smart Hybrid" is hardly even hybrid.

UPDATE [19-MAR-17]: Many other companies use this tactic of "stealing" the equity or value inherently present in some words, terms, etc. Examples include naming a job "Data Scientist", or Hyundai's "Grand i10" which has nothing grand about it. Other commonly added words include "Royal", "Classic", "Officer", "Gold", etc.