Monday, August 22, 2011

Convergys ad tries to fool Indian youth through a dishonest image and by resorting to euphemism in language

Two serious problems with this advertisement:
  1. The coolness, the happiness shown in this ad is fake. False. A lie. The work environment in such companies, in reality, is extremely taxing.
  2. The language used in this ad is deceitful. It tries to glorify the customer care job [no matter what fancy names companies give to the customer care job - ICICI Bank calls it Phone Banking Officer - it remains what it is, customer care]. It's a shame that many Indians are getting lured to the customer care job, instead of attempting to do a meaningful job. "...and want to be part of an high-energy, fun, 24/7 work environment, come and be a part of the Convergys family today.". I smell a rat! High-energy? 24/7 work environment? That smells exactly like an environment that kills an employee's life!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Airtel PC Secure ad tries to fool readers by comparing monthly charges to annual charges

12 times 85 is 1,020, and by presenting the smaller looking INR 85 per month against the larger looking INR 599 and INR 799 figures (annual costs), Airtel is trying to fool dumb readers - and most readers are dumb - into believing that Airtel's offering is cheaper than rival offerings. Sorry Airtel, Kaspersky is the best product out there and it's also the cheapest of the three.