Friday, January 8, 2016

Emphasis by mobile telecom companies to switch to e-bill, under the guise of "go green" and "save trees"

The real objective, obviously, is to save money on physical paper bill [printing, packaging, courier delivery, etc.]. In typical MBA/marketing style, this rational business decision is packaged in an attractive story with the theme "save the environment/planet". Who cares how much it costs the environment to produce and run those computers, those servers, those displays...

The basic idea that companies are following here is to give people a compelling reason to behave the way firms want people to behave. Merely suggesting/telling people to take certain actions or to choose something [without attaching a list of benefits for multiple stakeholders] will result in a lower conversion rate. Repackaging the same suggestions with hard-to-ignore and heart-touching reasons/stories will convince people that what's being asked of them or has been told to them is good for them. Absent this good-for-everyone message, fewer people will switch to paperless bills.

Image from 15-Aug-10

Update [9-Jun-17]: More bullshit. It comes in green color.

Jul'12 image

Mar'15 email

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