Friday, October 21, 2016

Mahindra falsely calls its KUV100 a SUV, while in reality it's just a small hatchback car [COMPACTIDEA]

Merely giving a car the shape of a SUV but not the size doesn't qualify it as a SUV. Mahindra knows no one will challenge its characterization, hence the blatant lie. Of course, Mahindra should be heavily fined for this cheap trick, but obviously nothing is really going to happen.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Renault compares features of its Lodgy car to that of a cheaper variant of Suzuki's Ertiga in a marketing brochure [COMPACTIDEA]

Comparing a more expensive variant of your car to a cheaper variant of your chief competitor's car without telling the audience/readers is outright fraud and desperate.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Samsung uses 'Quantum dot display' term to make it look like its TVs use sci-fi technology [COMPACTIDEA]

Quantum dot display has nothing to do with the 'quantum' of physics. Just a marketing term Samsung is using to steal the "wow" equity attached to the word 'quantum'. Samsung and Hyundai are two companies that - I've seen over the years - frequently resort to such cheap, unsophisticated, childish and overall deplorable marketing tactics. Chaos movie was also like this - it had no connection whatsoever to the chaos theory.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Companies like Airtel now use the word free even for those things that are clearly paid [COMPACTIDEA]

Airtel says 3 GB data is free, when it's actually INR 100 per month. It's quite common to see Airtel using/misusing the word 'free' in its marketing material to refer to paid things. Doesn't look accidental - looks planned.

Update: Airtel says it's offering "free voice calls to anywhere in India", but there are two key problems:
  1. Only one of the two listed packs offers zero-charge calls to any network across India.
  2. These calls cannot be called "free", since in order to get them you have to recharge with a paid pack.