Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maruti Suzuki is deceptively capitalizing on the equity in the word 'hybrid' in order to sell its barely-hybrid Ciaz in India

What's more, Maruti Suzuki has gone a step further by calling its Ciaz variant "Smart Hybrid", as if this were an even more advanced/evolved technology than merely 'hybrid'. Not. This is hardly the hybrid in the true sense of the word. In percentage terms, it's perhaps only 5-10% of what a true hybrid - like Toyota Prius - is. Facts be damned. It's important to fool the Indian public, which, like the people of the rest of the world attach a significant premium and prestige to the word 'hybrid'. Of course, no one's gonna tell these folks that the so-called "Smart Hybrid" is hardly even hybrid.

UPDATE [19-MAR-17]: Many other companies use this tactic of "stealing" the equity or value inherently present in some words, terms, etc. Examples include naming a job "Data Scientist", or Hyundai's "Grand i10" which has nothing grand about it. Other commonly added words include "Royal", "Classic", "Officer", "Gold", etc.

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