Monday, September 4, 2017

Control, submission and vote-bank politics disguised as empowerment and progress

While online Indian news media, newspapers and folks on social networking websites all blindly and foolishly hail and celebrate the appointment of a woman as India's first female Defence Minister, it's important to observe that this move was likely a well planned and calculated one by our shrewd PM Narendra Modi. He knew well that there will be quick and collective jubilation from impatient feminists [and women in general], and he appointed Nirmala Sitharaman as India's next Defence Minister to make himself seem progressive, and to thus secure votes for himself from females.

Further, my theory is that Narendra Modi is so cunning that his second, less-visible goal behind appointment of Nirmala Sitharaman was to exert more control over Defence expenditures and allotments. She's probably submissive and will quietly do as told [by Modi], and Modi needed exactly this kind of a compliant puppet in the [lucrative and money-making] Defence Ministry. Let's not blindly and foolishly believe what's visible. Dig deeper and observe what isn't directly visible. We have to remember that our PM is a clever and self-centered man. He thinks of only himself. It's yet another political masterstroke by Modi that he was able to kill two birds with one arrow - win female votes and applause, and appoint a controllable pawn in the profitable Defence Ministry. This is Modi's own way of using feminism as a tool to further his "political profit".

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