Monday, August 22, 2011

Convergys ad tries to fool Indian youth through a dishonest image and by resorting to euphemism in language

Two serious problems with this advertisement:
  1. The coolness, the happiness shown in this ad is fake. False. A lie. The work environment in such companies, in reality, is extremely taxing.
  2. The language used in this ad is deceitful. It tries to glorify the customer care job [no matter what fancy names companies give to the customer care job - ICICI Bank calls it Phone Banking Officer - it remains what it is, customer care]. It's a shame that many Indians are getting lured to the customer care job, instead of attempting to do a meaningful job. "...and want to be part of an high-energy, fun, 24/7 work environment, come and be a part of the Convergys family today.". I smell a rat! High-energy? 24/7 work environment? That smells exactly like an environment that kills an employee's life!

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